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6 key reasons to automate Inventory Management

Nobody wants to be sitting around doing manual data entry tasks or complex manual calculations with every purchase order/invoices. It’s best to leave it to software to automate these common tasks for you . Inventory management software automates key areas such as eliminating the need for visual checks through barcode scanning, and automating reordering, which […]

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Shaksy Group teams up with Algaeh to launch new HR & Payroll solution

ALGAEH is expanding further into the Oman market through a new collaboration with Shaksy Group which will soon switch to ALGAEH HRMS The Shaksy Group is a privately owned holding company based in the Sultanate of Oman. The group holds interests in several businesses operating primarily in the real estate, construction, and oil & gas sectors, with […]

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Why SME’s immediately need a Payroll Software?

Investing in the right payroll software can help organisations automate a systematic payroll process. The way SME’s handle their human resources is not very productive as people are always hired to do the job. Very little or no attention is paid to the potential of human error and its negative effects on employees and the […]

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