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Radiology Interfacing Software

Algaeh supports the thorough services for interfacing with the various digital equipment that are mostly used in healthcare field, also laboratory equipment like bio-analyzers. The monitoring equipments used for the monitoring of vitals of the patients and digital cameras are used for saving the captured patient photographs and interfacing with radiology equipment. All these are well supported through the use of Picture Archival and Communication System (PACS) technology. All the digital equipment can be easily interfaced with Algaeh through the use of our application which lets you deliver the data from instruments and later save them in the system for the respective patients.

Algaeh‘s HIMS Lets You Interface With Equipments

  • X ray machines.
  • Ultrasound Machines.
  • Digital Bio-analyzers.
  • VCT and MRI Scanners.
  • Vital Signs, central and bed side Monitors.
  • Webcams (Various kinds).
  • Any other equipment based on compatibility.

Ready made programs by us helps you deliver the best to your patients. Contact Algaeh for a free Demo.

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